Benefits Of Decompression Therapy

Learn more about spinal decompression and what it can do for your health. 

When dealing with aches, pains, musculoskeletal disorders, and injuries, you want to find relief as quickly as possible. Painkillers only mask the pain, and surgery seems like the last thing you want to deal with. If you’re struggling to find the right treatment option for your musculoskeletal pain, talk with our Moncks Corner, SC, chiropractors Dr. Rima Patel, and Dr. Jerald Yaden about decompression therapy.

What Is Decompression Therapy?

Decompression therapy uses a motorized system that helps to stretch and gently place pressure on the spine to improve circulation and improve injured areas of the body. When most people think of chiropractic therapy, they often think of the hands-on techniques that our Moncks Corner, SC, team offers, but decompression therapy is slightly different.

Instead, you’ll lie on a table, and we will use a computer to control the table’s movements. As the table stretches the spine safely, this allows blood flow to get to areas of the spine that it once couldn’t, which delivers healing nutrients to the area to treat pain, swelling, and injuries.

In essence, spinal decompression therapy triggers a healing response in the body. From spinal stenosis and sciatica to bulging discs and fractured vertebrae, many conditions and injuries that impact the musculoskeletal system can benefit from decompression therapy.

What Are the Top Three Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

There are countless benefits of decompression therapy, but since the benefits are so vast and numerous, we narrowed it down to the top three,

Pain relief: When you are dealing with severe or persistent pain, we know just how important it is to get the pain under control. Fortunately, spinal decompression therapy offers effective pain relief for people dealing with a wide range of conditions and injuries resulting from a misaligned spine. Better yet, it doesn’t require taking pain relievers, which can come with nasty side effects, and don’t treat the cause of your pain. Decompression therapy provides long-lasting relief by targeting and treating the source.

Prevent surgery: Many individuals with chronic pain worry that eventually, they’ll need surgery, especially when they aren’t experiencing relief from their discomfort. They fear that surgery is the only viable solution to stop their symptoms. The good news is that spinal decompression therapy may provide the results a patient is looking for to prevent or, at the very least, postpone the need for spinal surgery.

Improve nerve function: When the spine is out of alignment, this can also put added pressure on the nerves, leading to pinched nerves, weakness, numbness and tingling. If pinched nerves are corrected, this can lead to permanent nerve damage. The good news is that spinal decompression can alleviate nerve pressure and improve nerve function.

Are you interested in turning to our Moncks Corner, SC, chiropractors for decompression therapy? Want to learn more? If so, call Dr. Rima Patel and Dr. Jerald Yaden at Yaden Physical and Integrated Medical today at (888) 473-4394.

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